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Mortgage Checker Software in Heavy Demand After Westpac Bank Announces $8million Refund to Mortgage Clients

Is your mortgage one of the thousands being overcharged interest EVERY DAY? Get the facts on Home Loan Manager Pro, the only Mortgage Checker Software that can check your mortgage statements for errors in UNDER 5 MINUTES!

The Mortgage Checker & Personal Finance App for the Australian homeowner, by HomeMoneyManager .
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Crush Your Mortgage

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Pay Down Debt

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Check for Bank Errors

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Within ten minutes of using MoneyFormula Bob & Jill discovered they could beat their mortgage and crush their credit card debt, saving them $73,477.85, just by allocating $50 a month to their wealth goals bucket and using the default MyMoneyFormula™ settings.

They also discovered an $11,271.03 error in their mortgage where the bank had forgotten to apply a 1.00% discount they had been promised.

Westpac Mortgage Refund

Westpac Bank recently announced that it would refund $8million to the Westpac Premier Advantage Package mortgage customers after discovering they had not been receiving the full benefit on their accounts. Software developer HomeMoneyManager.com confirmed that since the Westpac announcement they have seen a surge in the number of downloads of their flagship mortgage auditing software, Home Loan Interest Manager Pro, as mortgage customers look for software to check their mortgage statements for errors.

Westpac mortgage customers wanting to check their mortgages can take advantage of the special discount promotion currently being run by HomeMoneyManager.com to celebrate the launch of version 4.1 of their mortgage checker software. The first 500 customers to purchase the software before the end of November using the discount coupon code MORTGAGE-CHECKER will receive a 10% discount off the purchase price. Full details available at https://www.homemoneymanager.com.au

Westpac Mortgage Refund - For software details and to download now click here.

www.HomeMoneyManager.com - 6th November -
Westpac Bank recently announced it would refund $8 million to approximately 40,000 of its Premier Advantage Package mortgage customers after discovering they did not receive the full benefits on their accounts, between 16 March 1998 and 31 July 2006. www.news.com.au estimates that 40,000 (approximately 5%) of the 800,000 Westpac Premier Advantage Package clients have been impacted.

HomeMoneyManager.com has seen a surge in traffic as many of the 800,000 Westpac customers seek to check their mortgages for errors, and is expecting the demand to continue as Westpac makes further announcements.

"Traffic to the HomeMoneyManager.com website has increased dramatically since the Westpac announcement, and many mortgage customers are taking this opportunity to snap up a bargain as part of our November 2006 promotion. It's good to see so many mortgage clients taking the time to check their existing mortgage statements and safeguard their loans from future mortgage mistakes" said a spokesperson from HomeMoneyManager.com

"Mortgage errors go unnoticed every day, but when one of the big banks announces a multi-million dollar refund it raises public awareness. Everyone then worries it could be their mortgage that is being overcharged, and there is a rush to install the latest mortgage checker software to audit their statements".

"It is unfortunate that so many Westpac customers have been impacted, but it is good to see that Westpac uncovered the errors internally, have fixed the ongoing problem and are actively trying to repay the money to their mortgage clients."

"The big concern is that the problems started back in 1998 and none of the 40,000 Westpac clients noticed. These clients could have kept paying for bank mistakes over the next 30 years, if Westpac hadn't found the problem. When dealing with mortgages, even the smallest mistakes can compound into thousands over the life of the loan."

"I would strongly recommend that everyone with a mortgage (and not just Westpac clients) check their statements for errors. With products like Home Loan Interest Manager Pro it is very easy for anyone to do. Once you load your mortgage statements into the software, you can find out if there are any errors at the click of a button. You can even use the import wizard to load all your statements from the file you download from your Internet banking facility, so it takes as little as five minutes every six months to make sure you are not being overcharged."

Last week Home Money Manager announced the release of the latest version of their flagship product Home Loan Interest Manager Pro version 4.1.061021, mortgage checker software designed to help homeowners check their mortgage statements for errors and safeguard their loans against lender mistakes.


To help celebrate the official launch of Home Loan Interest Manager Pro version 4.1.061021, Home Money Manager is offering a 10% DISCOUNT to the first 500 customers who purchase the software before the end of November. This is a worldwide promotion, available to all customers. To receive your discount, simply enter the following code when making your purchase.

Discount Code:

To purchase your copy, please visit

About Home Loan Interest Manager Pro

Home Loan Interest Manager Pro is a loan and mortgage error checker software package that will help check your existing statements for bank errors, calculate the refunds you are due and you safeguard the thousands you pay each year in interest from lender mistakes. Simply load your mortgage statements, and at the click-of-a-button you will find out how much you have been overcharged.

Ranked #1 "Mortgage Audit Software" on all major search engines, and trusted by clients in more than 15 countries around the world (from the US to Australia and everywhere in between), Home Loan Interest Manager Pro is the mortgage checker software of choice.

While Home Loan Interest Manager Pro is one of the most powerful mortgage checker software packages available on the market today, it can do so much more than just check for mortgage errors and bank errors. Using your mortgage statement information, this mortgage software will manage and track all aspects of your loans, help you discover how to pay your mortgage off sooner, let you find out the impact of the next interest rate rise on your loan repayments, and breakdown the true cost of your mortgage, year-by-year and statement-by-statement.

Home Loan Interest Manager Pro version 4.1.061021 is compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X and all operating systems running Java 1.4 or greater. To find out more or to download a fully functional free trial, visit https://www.homemoneymanager.com/home-loan-interest-manager.html

About Home Money Manager:

Home Money Manager specializes in the production of mortgage audit and home loan manager software. Download mortgage checker software and find out if your mortgage is one of the thousands being overcharged interest EVERY DAY.


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The Mortgage Checker & Personal Finance App for the Australian homeowner, by HomeMoneyManager - Let it take the stress out of your finances, no matter where you are starting from.
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