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Mortgage Checker & Personal Finance App, 100% Australian Made, Owned & Loved

Need the perfect app to help control your spending, track your investor buckets and stay on top of your mortgage? Or to tackle the rising mortgage interest rates and cost of living pressures?

Need to check your home loan for hidden bank errors?

Let me introduce you to...
The Mortgage Checker & Personal Finance App for the Australian homeowner, by HomeMoneyManager .
Crush Your Mortgage

Crush Your Mortgage

Pay Down Debt

Pay Down Debt

Beat Cost of Living

Beat the Cost of Living

Check for Bank Errors

Check for Bank Errors

Get the app that will take the stress out of your finances, no matter where you are starting from.
Australian All Devices Mortgage Software

MoneyFormula in Action - Bob & Jill Save $73,477

Within ten minutes of using MoneyFormula Bob & Jill discovered they could beat their mortgage and crush their credit card debt, saving them $73,477.85, just by allocating $50 a month to their wealth goals bucket and using the default MyMoneyFormula™ settings.

They also discovered an $11,271.03 error in their mortgage where the bank had forgotten to apply a 1.00% discount they had been promised.

Home Money Manager

Since 2004 Home Money Manager has been developing software to help Australian homeowners, property investors and individuals manage their finances and take control of their debt.

Our products are designed and build right here in Australia and we are best known for the Money Formula app, Home Loan Manager Pro and Home Credit Card Manager Lite.

The Perfect Gift For Your Clients

If you run an Australian business and you are looking for:
Mortgage Audit Software
An easy way to help your clients with the rising cost of living and mortgage interest rates.
Mortgage Audit Software
The perfect settlement gift.
Mortgage Audit Software
A value-add to compliment your service or product.
Mortgage Audit Software
An extra way to entice clients to your seminars or one-on-one meetings.
Mortgage Audit Software
Something to revamp your direct marketing and social media campaigns.

... then contact us today and find out how easy and affordable it is to reward each of your clients with MoneyFormula, the Australian mortgage checker & personal finance app.

Other Home Money Manager Software Products

As well as the mortgage & personal finance app, we also offer ...

Home Loan Manager Pro

The Mortgage Checker and Planning Tool
With this mortgage software you can track, plan and manage all aspects of your mortgage, check the accuracy of your interest charges, and discover how to pay off your mortgage sooner.

Home Credit Card Manager Lite

The Credit Card Expense Manager
With this credit card software you can find out exactly where your hard-earned money is being spent. Simply match your credit card statement transactions to the categories provided, then use the reports to group and sort the information.

Home Money Manager Bundle

The Complete Homeowner Package
With this bundled product you get the mortgage software and the credit card software for the one low discounted price.

Home Money Manager - Customer Feedback

Read our customer success stories. The words of our satisfied clients say more than we ever could, and here is a small sample:

Something Wasn't Quite Right!

"I was getting the feeling something wasn't quite right and I couldn't put my finger on it. It could have ended up costing me $20,000"
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Lyndsey K, WA, Australia

Very Impressed...

"I feel that anyone with a mortgage should be using this software."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Phillip W, North Lakes, QLD

"This mortgage audit software will keep you one step ahead of your bank"

Very Pleased!

"I am very pleased with your support and the software. I can be a reference any time you need one."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Alnashir S, NSW, Australia

Your Program Is Brilliant!

"I have purchased and am using your Home Loan Interest Manager Pro program to audit my home loan. It found that my lender had overcharged me and they have since corrected this. (Thanks!). The lender did take a while to investigate it fully, however they did explain how all their calculations worked and were very nice and professional throughout the process. P.S. Your program is brilliant! Very easy to use and understand."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Quoc T, Croydon, Australia

"Give your mortgage a free health check today with this award winning Mortgage Ausit Software"

Very User Friendly...

"Hi Matthew. Thanks for the info. I showed my husband last night and he was impressed with what the program did. Also the inputting of my last 2 statements was very simple. Even my daughter was surprised I had worked it out so quickly. But I did go through the entire tutorial. So as far as the software is concerned, it is very user friendly."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Sonja S, Victoria, Australia

"Every homeowner should use this mortgage audit software"

I Recommend It Without Hesitation...

"I would like to thank you and your team for your help and advise ... Many thanks once again, and I will not hesitate in recommending not only your excellent mortgage software package but the high level of customer service you've shown me to whoever I meet that needs a mortgage program that Home Money Manager could help with..."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Ron G, Rowville, Australia

Read more mortgage audit software testimonials

Bank Mistakes

Today Tonight - Bank Mistakes

"Bank's errors are now known to add up to hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Now there is help, a computer program that can check your monthly statements and find the mistakes."
- Today Tonight (Bank Mistakes)
Want to find answers to these common bank mistake questions?

  1. Which Bank Mistakes Software Should I Use?
  2. Why Check For Bank Mistakes?
  3. What If I Find A Bank Mistake?
  4. How Often Do Bank Mistakes Happen?
  5. What Type Of Bank Mistake Occur?

Visit www.bankmistakes.com.au for more information on bank mistakes ...

Do you love She's on the Money?

If you love V's (Victoria Devine) She's on the Money approach to finances then you are in luck.

Check out this She's on the Money + MoneyFormula App overview for all the details on how to ditch the budget spreadsheets and manual tasks; and use the MoneyFormula app to whip your She's on the Money finances into shape.

It includes everything from setting up your cash hub, cash flow plan and "the only six bank account you need" through to your fastest bank audit EVER using the MoneyFormula app Import and Category AutoMatcher tools (which do all the heavy lifting for you!).

Article Series: Level up your She's on the Money journey with the MoneyFormula app!

OVERVIEW - She's on the Money + MoneyFormula App
PART 1 - She's on the Money Accounts and Cash Flow Plan
PART 2 - She's on the Money Budget and Bank Account Audit
PART 3 - She's on the Money Net Worth and Wealth View
PART 4 - She's on the Money Emergency Fund
PART 5 - She's on the Money Long-Term Savings and Goals

Are you a Barefoot Investor?

Take your barefoot investing to the next level with the MoneyFormula App and track your barefoot investor Fire Extinguisher, Smile, Splurge and Daily Expenses bank accounts and discover the easy way to manage your Blow, Mojo and Grow buckets.

See your fire extinguisher come to life as you pick your goals and MoneyFormula lines them up to show you exactly when each goal will finish based on your current settings.

You can even tweak the debt strategies as you Domino Your Debts to see which ones work for you; and you can pick from the different payout options to really crush your mortgage and get the bank off your back.

The following article series will show you how to use the MoneyFormula App on your barefoot investor journey.

Article Series: Taking Your Barefoot Investor Buckets to the Next Level

OVERVIEW - The Barefoot Investor + MoneyFormula App
PART 1 - Setting Up Your Barefoot Investor Buckets
PART 2 - Your Barefoot Mojo and Grow Buckets
PART 3 - Your Budget and Spending Review
PART 4 - Your Barefoot Fire Extinguisher Goals

Looking for the Best Australian Personal Finance Software?

Find Out How to Supercharge Your Personal Finances and Unlock the Thousands of Dollars You Are Missing Out On!

The bank's won't tell you this, but beating your mortgage and saving thousands of dollars while you manage your personal finances can be as simple as having the right personal finance app. It can be a game-changer!

So if you are looking to free up money, pay down debt FASTER and achieve your wealth goals then the MoneyFormula personal finance app is for you.

It will help you unlock the thousands of dollars you are missing out on and help you get the best personal finance results in the shortest possible time!

The following article series will show you how to use the MoneyFormula App to level up your Personal Finances.

Article Series - Manage Your Mortgage and Personal Finances with the Australian MoneyFormula App

OVERVIEW - Your Personal Finances + MoneyFormula App
PART 1 - Personal Finance App Bank Accounts & Debts
PART 2 - Personal Budget App Wealth Goals
PART 3 - Personal Budget App Emergency Fund

Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

Looking to pay off your mortgage faster? The following five simple steps could be all you need:

  1. Have a Plan
  2. Check for Errors
  3. Make informed Decissions
  4. Stay Motivated
  5. Keep Accurate Records

Get all the details from www.payoffyourmortgage.com.au

Mortgage Audit Software - Overview

With Home Loan Manager Pro you can track, plan and manage all aspects of your loans, check the accuracy of your interest charges, and discover how to pay off your mortgage sooner.

Have you checked your mortgage interest calculations for errors lately?

We all make mistakes, and your lender is no exception. A simple human error or computer glitch can add thousands to your mortgage if left undetected.

Luckily it's easy to give your mortgage and loans a quick health check. Simply load your mortgage details into this mortgage checker, and in seconds you can:

Mortgage Statement Checker
Calculate how much you have already been overcharged, and estimate your refunds.
Mortgage Statement Checker
Protect the thousands you pay in interest each year from future bank errors.


Would you like to take control of your loans, and pay off your mortgage sooner?

Taking out a mortgage is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. With a little planning and discipline, your mortgage and home can become one of your most successful long-term investments. However one wrong turn and it can become a devastating financial burden.

Our mortgage software is here to help you. With only a few minutes a year you can keep all your loans under control, and at the click of a button you will be able to:

Mortgage Statement Checker
Discover how to pay off your mortgage sooner, and set up a plan to keep you on track to saving thousands.
Mortgage Statement Checker
Be prepared, and estimate the impact of interest rate rises on your loan repayments before they happen.
Mortgage Statement Checker
Breakdown the cost of your mortgage, year-by-year and statement-by-statement, so you can see the true cost of your mortgage and its impact on your household budget.


Download and try this mortgage watch software free today, give your mortgage a health check, and discover how much you could be saving when you cut years off your mortgage!.

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Mortgage Audit Software - Ranked #1

Get the #1 Ranked mortgage audit software and check that you are not one of the thousands being overcharged EVERY DAY?   Download and try it free now.


The Mortgage Checker & Personal Finance App for the Australian homeowner, by HomeMoneyManager - Let it take the stress out of your finances, no matter where you are starting from.
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