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Mortgage Audit Software - Home Loan Manager Pro ™

Home Loan Manager Pro is the easy and affordable way to track, plan and manage all aspects of your mortgage, check the accuracy of your interest charges, and stay motivated to crush your debt.

Beat Your Bank Beat Your Bank
Home Loan Manager Pro
The Mortgage Checker and Planning Tool
With this mortgage software you can:
Mortgage SoftwareSet up a plan to help you cut years off your loans.
Mortgage SoftwareCheck your interest charges for lender mistakes.
Mortgage SoftwareProtect the thousands of dollars you pay in interest each year.
Mortgage SoftwareScenario plan and make informed decisions based on facts.
Mortgage SoftwareDiscover the true-cost of your mortgage.
Mortgage SoftwareKeep accurate records of all your loans in the one convenient location.

All it takes is a few minutes a year to stay in control of your loans. The software does all the hard work for you, and the import wizard will instantly load all the transactions available from your Internet banking site, so there is minimal typing.

Download and try it 100% free today. See for yourself why this is the #1 ranked "Mortgage Audit Software" on all major search engines around the world, and why homeowners from across Australia and New Zealand have been relying on it since 2004.

Home Loan Manager Pro Featured On Today Tonight

Today Tonight - Bank Mistakes
"Now there's an easy way of checking your statements ... discovering mistakes BEFORE they mount up. Lyndsey Knight found she was getting short-changed by her bank .... month after month."

Get the facts and download Home Loan Manager Pro, the Bank Mistake Software featured in the Today Tonight story.

Today Tonight Enquiry Into Bank Mistakes

"Bank's errors are now known to add up to hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Now there is help, a computer program that can check your monthly statements and find the mistakes."
- Today Tonight (Bank Mistakes)

Mortgage Audit Software - Why Do I Need It?

Signing up for a mortgage is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make, and with a little planning and discipline you can turn it, and your home, into one of your most successful long-term investments.

Unfortunately many of us fall into the trap of letting our lenders manage our loans, and year after year we rely on them to:
Mortgage SoftwareTell us how much to repay, and how often.
Mortgage SoftwareTrack and manage our repayments.
Mortgage SoftwareCalculate our interest charges and fees.

But what if they get it wrong? We all make mistakes, and your lender is no exception. A simple human error or computer glitch can add thousands in interest to your mortgage if left undetected.

And, what if their repayment schedule isn't right for you? Lenders like you to pay off your mortgage over the full term, however cutting just a few years off your loan can save you thousands in interest charges.

It's never too late to review your mortgage and start planning for the future.

Since 2004, Home Loan Manager Pro has helped thousands of homeowners take control of their mortgages and loans, and protect the thousands they pay in interest each year from lender mistakes.

We can help you.

Your path to success can be as simple as following these five simple steps:
1. Make Extra Repayments Make extra repayments or you will repay 2 to 3 times what you borrowed - Home Loan Manager Pro will show you how much you can save, and how little it takes, to cut years off your loans.
2. Check For Lender Mistakes Check for lender mistakes - Home Loan Manager Pro lets you check if you are one of the thousands being overcharged interest every day due to lender mistakes, and faulty computer systems.
3. Have All The Mortgage Facts Have all the facts so you can make informed decisions - Home Loan Manager Pro lets you perform what-if analysis on interest rate rises, extra deposits, offset account balances, interest calculations, increased debt, and much more, and instantly shows you the impact on your loans.
3. Know Your Mortgage Costs Know what your loans are costing you - Home Loan Manager Pro shows you exactly what you are paying for your loans, year-to-year and statement-to-statement, keeping you on track and motivated to crush your mortgage.
3. Track Your Mortgage Accurately track your loans - Home Loan Manager Pro will help you store all your loan details in the one convenient location, making it easy to track and monitor your mortgage.
Download and install this mortgage software now, enter your mortgage statement details, and within minutes you can start monitoring, checking and planning your loans.

Mortgage Audit Software - What Does it Do?

Home Loan Manager Pro has been specially designed to work with the loan details provided to you by your lender. Using the information from your mortgage statements, the software will allow you keep an accurate record of all your loans, instantly check the accuracy of your interest charges, summarise your expenses, and help you plan for the future.

Keep Accurate Records

With Home Loan Manager Pro you can keep an accurate record of all your loans in the one convenient location. Capture interest rate changes, balances, statement information, and all types of transactions including extra repayments, fees, taxes, and interest charges.

The software will let you enter as much or as little historical information as you want. When you first start using Home Loan Manager Pro we recommend that you start with your newest statement first, and then add your older statements at a later date. This is particularly useful if you want to start by importing your transactions and your Internet banking site only contains the latest information.

Check For Errors

Not sure if your lender's interest calculations are correct? Want to find out if you are receiving the full benefit of your offset account and any extra repayments you've made? The following reports have been designed to check your mortgage and loans for bank errors:
Mortgage Software The Balance Checker will confirm that all your transactions and balances have been correctly processed by the bank.
Mortgage Software The Interest Checker (and Offset Account Checker) will quickly highlights any errors in the interest charges of your loans.
Mortgage Software If your lender has incorrectly calculated your interest, The Refund Calculator (and Error Compounder) will display the refunds you are due, by calculating the total compounding cost of each error.
Mortgage Software The Daily Interest Report will show a breakdown of the interest you are being charged on each loan.

Review Your Costs

You can get an instant picture of what your loans are costing you, statement-to-statement and year-to-year, by letting the mortgage software automatically group and categorise the transactions on your statements. The following reports will help you discover what your loans are costing you:
Mortgage Software The Yearly Totals Report will show you the total costs of your loans for ANY year.
Mortgage Software The Yearly Comparison Report will compare totals between two different years.
Mortgage Software The Statement Comparison Report will compare totals between to different statements.

Plan For The Future

Worried about interest rate rises? Want to find out how to pay off your mortgage sooner? The following reports will give you answers and keep you informed as you circumstances change:
Mortgage Software The Increased Repayments Report will allow you to work out how much you can save over the life of your loan, by increasing your mortgage repayments.
Mortgage Software The Interest Rate Rise Report will let you prepare for interest rate rises, by showing you the impact on your repayments, and total cost to your loan.
Mortgage Software The Detailed Payout Plan will let you work out how many years you can afford to cut off your loan, and how much you will save in interest charges.

Be Debt Free Sooner

Do you want to cut years off your mortgage and save thousands? Lock in your target and we'll help you every step of the way:
Mortgage Software Your Payout Plan lets you decide how quickly you would like to pay off your mortgage, and then shows you exactly what you have to do to achieve it. It works with your current balance and is automatically updated every time you enter your latest loan details, keeping you on track every step of the way.

Use You Internet Banking Information.

To save you manually typing in all your mortgage details, the import wizard will help you load all the transactions available via your Internet banking website (or a spreadsheet) in seconds.

Group and Sort Your Transactions

To get the most out of the loan information you enter into Home Loan Manager Pro, you can allocate categories to your transactions and then group and sort the information. For example, a transaction may be a FEE, or an INTEREST charge, or a DEPOSIT, or a WITHDRAWAL. You can use the default list of categories, or you can set up your own.

To save you manually allocating categories to every transaction, Home Loan Manager Pro provides you with a Category Auto-Matching tool which does all of the hard work for you. This tool will automatically allocate categories to new transactions by examining categories you allocated in the past, and by using any category wildcard patterns you set up.

Mortgage Audit Software - Awards

Home Loan Manager Pro is the #1 Ranked "Mortgage Audit Software" on all major search engines around the world, including Google and Yahoo, and it has received the following awards for excellence:
Mortgage Audit Software Awards

Mortgage Audit Software - Sample of User Reviews

Your Program Is Brilliant!

"I have purchased and am using your Home Loan Interest Manager Pro program to audit my home loan. It found that my lender had overcharged me and they have since corrected this. (Thanks!). The lender did take a while to investigate it fully, however they did explain how all their calculations worked and were very nice and professional throughout the process. P.S. Your program is brilliant! Very easy to use and understand."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Quoc T, Croydon, Australia

I Recommend It Without Hesitation...

"I would like to thank you and your team for your help and advise ... Many thanks once again, and I will not hesitate in recommending not only your excellent mortgage software package but the high level of customer service you've shown me to whoever I meet that needs a mortgage program that Home Money Manager could help with..."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Ron G, Rowville, Australia

"Audit your mortgage today with this home loan interest checker, and make sure you are not paying for your lender's mistakes!"

Easy To Use...

"I searched the net for this kind of application and decided upon your product. It does exactly what I require and I found it intuitive & easy to use - thankfully! So far no errors have been detected on my mortgage; great product..."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Paul, Adelaide, Australia

It's A Real Time Saver...

"Great interest checker program. Very pleased with it - particularly the Auto-Matching / Learning feature, it's a real time saver. I installed the software and trialled it quite satisfactorily without reading the manual, which I find a good preliminary test."
Home Money Manager Testimonial
Richard J, Rose Park, Australia

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Mortgage Audit Software - Latest News

The following press releases and mortgage articles contain the latest news about the mortgage software Home Loan Manager Pro.



Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

Looking to pay off your mortgage faster?

The following five simple steps could be all you need:

  1. Have a Plan
  2. Check for Errors
  3. Make informed Decissions
  4. Stay Motivated
  5. Keep Accurate Records

Get all the details from www.payoffyourmortgage.com.au

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