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Latest Build



Build 4.2.150310

  • Compatibility upgrade to allow all versions to work with Oracle Java 8.
  • Mac OS X version will work with both Apple Java (up to version 6) and Oracle Java (versions 7 and 8).

Build 4.2.131211

  • Print option added to Statement and Transaction view screens.

Build 4.2.130114

  • Option to Save/Print reports to PDF files added to all report print preview screens.

Build 4.2.120704

  • Introduced new Account Types allowing the software to handle all types of bank accounts, including "Credit Card (Debt)", "Line of Credit (Debt)", "Cheque/Checking Account (Asset)", "Savings Account (Asset)", "Transaction Account (Asset)", "Cash (Asset)" and more.
  • Pie Charts now have the option to display Expenses (displayed by default) and Income (hidden by default).
  • Created the new category types INCOME, DEPOSIT and TRANSFER.
  • Updated sample workbook to include multiple account types (Credit Cards, Savings Account and Cash) as well as new categories.
  • The Amount column is now displayed as two columns in the Transaction View screen as Outflows and Inflows.
  • Workbook structure updated to allow for new account types. All older workbooks will be automatically converted to work with this latest version. Refer to the Workbook Conversions help topic in the application Help Contents for more details.

Build 3.0.120602

  • Automatching tool now allows partial matches on descriptions. Select from 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or All letters when matching.
  • Option to clear matched Categories added to the Transaction View Screen.
  • Date Picker option added to Account, Statement, Statement Split and Transaction screens.
  • Help dialog with instructions on how to Add Transactions displayed when adding a new Statement.
  • Sample Workbook now treated as read only so that can no longer be saved in the default location (previously causing some problems on Windows 7). You can still use Save As to save a copy of the sample workbook in another location.

Build 3.0.111110

  • Help Topics updated with improved instructions, screenshots/graphics, and a new Screens help topic.
  • Help buttons added to the Account, Statement and Transaction entry screens.

Build 3.0.110929

  • Statement Merge and Statement Split tools added to the Statement View Screen.
  • Multi-row delete added to Statement and Transaction View Screens.
  • Improved multi-row selection handling within the Statement View Screen.

Build 3.0.110725

  • Pie Chart option added to the reports and statement category totals.
  • Updated default categories and parent categories.
  • Updated sample workbook to include multiple accounts, new categories, sample .csv file and help topics.

Build 3.0.101216

  • Import Wizard settings are now saved at the account level, allowing the software to remember the last file format used for each account. It is recommended that clients using multiple banks, or using multiple CSV file layouts, upgrade to this latest version of the software.
  • Workbook structure updated to allow for new import wizard settings at account level. All older workbooks will be automatically converted to work with this latest version. Refer to the Workbook Conversions help topic in the application Help Contents for more details.

Build 3.0.100915

  • Several minor Windows 7 issues fixed with the latest set of Java Runtime files. It is recommended that all Windows 7 users upgrade to this latest version of the software.
  • Yearly Total and Yearly Comparison Reports now contain the Include All Accounts option, the year defaults to the newest year in the list, and the sort order now matches the statement view sort order.
  • Minor fix to the Import Wizard to check default column selections when not enough columns in the file.

Build 3.0.100614

  • Set Password option added to the File menu.
  • Screen size automatically restored each time the software is started.
  • New icons for all menu and toolbar items.
  • Improved start up process.

Build 3.0.100124

  • Import Transaction Wizard updated to allow for one or two transaction amounts in the import file.
  • Sample workbook is now backed up each time a new version of the software is installed (to prevent accidental loss of changes made to the workbook).

Build 3.0.090531

  • The transaction entry screen amount field has been split into New Charges and Payments/Refunds.
  • The transaction add screen now has an "Add More" button allowing easier batch processing of transactions.
  • Help Topic window can now be resized, minimized and maximized, and it can be kept open while working with the software.
  • Windows versions now bundled with Java Runtime files 1.6.0_02.

Build 3.0.080425

  • Import Transaction Wizard now allows a start and end row to be specified (allowing unwanted headers and footers to be stripped from import files).
  • Import Transaction Wizard layout updated to provide a wider preview table, and to display instructions during each step of the import process.
  • Import Transaction Wizard error handling enhanced to provide pop-up help messages and instructions for each error in the event of an unsuccessful import.
  • New image added to the load screen.

Build 3.0.080102

  • Import Transaction Wizard fixed to show correct number of rows in the import file, and prevent problems with the Start Import at Row option.
  • File menu options renamed and reordered to help distinguish between importing transactions and importing a workbook.
  • Unmatched categories in the Transaction View now contain a prompt to make them easier to identify.
  • New set of product icons added to the software.

Build 3.0.071027

  • Printing option added to the reports and statement category totals.
  • Introduced advanced Auto-Matching features, including current statement matching, category selection matching, and manual transaction entry matching.
  • Changes to column widths are now stored and reused each time you start the software.
  • Popup menus now include the option to reset column widths back to the default size.
  • Statement View and Transaction View layout updated.
  • Minor Fix to Transaction View so that the Category popup list closes if you resort the table.

Build 3.0.070610

  • Check Website for Updates option now provides a direct link to the website download page when a new release is available.
  • Quick Start installation and running instructions for Windows, Mac, Unix / Linux added to Help and Troubleshooting file available in the installation directory.
  • Windows Installation Wizard and Digital Code Signing process enhanced to address Vista User Access Control security requirements.

Build 3.0.070309

  • Date fields can now be entered in short format (eg 3/3/06), long format (eg 03/03/2006) or any combination of the two (eg 03/3/06).
  • Open Last Workbook At Start Up is now set to Yes by default (this setting can be changed via the View menu, Options... item).
  • Windows version now comes bundled with Java Runtime files.
  • Mac OS X Look and Feel issues with the Report and Table headers now resolved.

Build 3.0.061027

  • Windows Wizard setup updated, including new graphics, installation options and directories.
  • Windows version now runs from an executable (.exe) file and is capable of detecting Windows installations with no Java.
  • Linux and Mac OS X installation zip files updated to include a new master directory and help directory.
  • New Help and Troubleshooting file provided in the installation directory.
  • Check Website for Updates (with automatic reminders) option added to the Help Menu.
  • Improved error handling for unexpected Java errors.
  • Minor layout changes to the Tip Of The Day screen.
  • Internal structure of workbooks changed to cater for new date formats. Refer to the Workbook Conversions help topic in the application Help Contents for more details.

Build 3.0.050611

  • New icon set added to navigation buttons.
  • Added Option to run Auto-Matching tool automatically after import wizard completes (if account has more than one statement).
  • Undo(Ctrl-Z) and Redo(Ctrl-Y) added to all text input fields.
  • History buttons (Back and Forward) added to the Help Contents.
  • Getting Started Wizard option added to the Help Menu.
  • Import Wizard fix. Prior to the fix, if last line of the imported file did not end in an End-Of-Line character it was ignored.

Build 3.0.050518

  • Open Sample Workbook option added to the File Menu.
  • Customer Support option added to the Help Menu.
  • Tip of the Day option added to the Help Menu.
  • Getting Started Wizard displayed to new users, providing User Options, Tip of the Day, Open Sample Workbook and Sample Exercises functionality at startup.
  • Accelerator Keys added to all main menu options to allow quick keyboard navigation.
  • Unexpected java.lang.NullPointerException due to Sun Java Bug (ID:4711700) in the JFileChooser on Windows XP and Java 1.4.2 now fixed.

Build 3.0.050420

  • Help option added to all Reports, the Import Transaction Wizard and the Auto-Matching Tool.
  • Select All and Copy options added to Yearly Totals report pop-up menu (previously missed in release 3.0.041019).
  • End User License Agreement updated.
  • Look and Feel option added to user Options. Mac now defaults to Cross Platform (Java) look and feel. Windows, Linux and all other continue to default to the Operating System look and feel.
  • Parent Category Fix. Prior to the fix, Parent Category List and Category Totals not updating correctly when a Parent Category was modified.

Build 3.0.050203

  • This release addresses Mac OS X incompatibility issues.
  • Error "tCC: java.lang.NullPointerException" under some versions of Mac OS X now fixed.
  • Introductory text and help files not displaying under some versions of Mac OS X running Java 1.4.1_01. Please upgrade to Java 1.4.2 or greater.

Build 3.0.050108

  • Auto-Fill History Selection added to the description field in the Transaction Details screen.
  • Import Transaction Wizard enhanced to handle a wider range of number formats and currency symbols. Importing Transactions help topic updated.
  • Transaction Screen flicker when sorting other than by date now fixed.
  • Shortcut Keys added to all menu options.

Build 3.0.041019

  • Shade Alternate Lines On Screens option added to user Options.
  • Open Last File On Start Up option added to user Options.
  • Statements Displayed Newest To Oldest option added to user Options.
  • Select All and Copy options added to report pop-up menus (right-click).
  • Internal structure of workbooks changed. Refer to the File Conversions help topic in the application Help Contents for more details.
  • Expiry date problem on license keys over 12 months old now fixed.

Build 3.0.040615

  • Password Protection option added to workbooks.
  • Switched from product expiry dates to free license keys.
  • FAQ help topic updated to include License Key information.

Build 3.0.040425

  • Screen Layout modified to cater for smaller screen resolutions (eg 800x600). Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) topic in the application Help Contents for more details.

Build 3.0.040331

  • Clipboard option added to the Error Message screens.

Build 3.0.040315

  • Import Transaction Wizard column selection simplified.
  • Print option added to the Help Contents.

Build 3.0.040229

  • Opening and Closing Balances added to Statements.
  • Only Import Transactions In Statement Date Range option added to the Import Transaction Wizard.
  • Sample Workbook suggested exercises help topic updated.
  • My First Workbook help topic updated.
  • Opening balances added to the Sample.hdat workbook Statements.

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