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Home Loan Manager Pro User Reviews

The following User Reviews, Testimonials and Feedback have been published with kind permission from each of the homeowners listed below.

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Your Program Is Brilliant!

"I have purchased and am using your Home Loan Interest Manager Pro program to audit my home loan. It found that my lender had overcharged me and they have since corrected this. (Thanks!). The lender did take a while to investigate it fully, however they did explain how all their calculations worked and were very nice and professional throughout the process. P.S. Your program is brilliant! Very easy to use and understand."
Home Loan Manager Pro Testimonial
- Quoc T, Croydon, Australia

It's A Real Time Saver...

"Great interest checker program. Very pleased with it - particularly the Auto-Matching / Learning feature, it's a real time saver. I installed the software and trialled it quite satisfactorily without reading the manual, which I find a good preliminary test."
Home Loan Manager Pro Testimonial
- Richard J, Rose Park, Australia

Full Marks...

"Thanks for your detailed and excellent explanation about the interest rate errors. None of your competitors have a proper customer service response system in place. So, full marks on that. I checked my loan papers and yes, the initial interest rate rise was 5.14% and not 5.04%... I greatly appreciate you helping out ... I will let my friends know as well."
Home Loan Manager Pro Testimonial
- Hemil D, Australia

Excellent Software and Support Service...

"Thank you for your clear advice on the matter and succinct explanation of the off-set function. I am impressed with both your excellent software and support service."
Home Loan Manager Pro Testimonial
- Neil A, Auckland, New Zealand

Great Job...

"I have made some additional repayments and I was trying to see the effect this has on the reduction of the term of the loan. I was looking for a report that could advise how long the current repayment has left to run, and after downloading your mortgage software and running the increase repayments report it gives me exactly what I want. Great job."
Home Loan Manager Pro Testimonial
- Barry T, NSW, Australia

Helped Me Manage My Finances...

"I've been using your software for months now and it's absolutely amazing and very straight forward... it has helped me manage my finances very well..."
Home Loan Manager Pro Testimonial
- Ian C, The Philippines

I Recommend It Without Hesitation...

"I would like to thank you and your team for your help and advise ... Many thanks once again, and I will not hesitate in recommending not only your excellent mortgage software package but the high level of customer service you've shown me to whoever I meet that needs a mortgage program that Home Money Manager could help with..."
Home Loan Manager Pro Testimonial
- Ron G, Rowville, Australia

Easy To Use...

"I searched the net for this kind of application and decided upon your product. It does exactly what I require and I found it intuitive & easy to use - thankfully! So far no errors have been detected on my mortgage; great product..."
Home Loan Manager Pro Testimonial
- Paul, Adelaide, Australia

Love The Service...

"I am just writing to say how impressed I am at both the speed and quality of the response to my email. I work for a large software company and I know that our customers would love to receive this level of service."
Home Loan Manager Pro Testimonial
- Trevor H, Prahran, Australia

Overcharged $229 Per Month...

"My lender recently increased my interest rate in error to 7.70% (instead of 7.07%) and your software pointed out they had been overcharging me approximately $229 per month for 4 months. They have now refunded $917.09 to my mortgage. Thank you for the great software, and you can bet I will definitely be keeping an eye on my bank for the next 22.56 years!"
Home Loan Manager Pro Testimonial
- Thomas M, Sydney, Australia

Excellent Quality...

"It's amazing the quality difference in the mortgage watch software available on the market! I've tried a couple and just wanted to say how impressed I was with the quality of your mortgage audit software, and all the little bits that make it so user friendly. Keep up the good work"
Home Loan Manager Pro Testimonial
- Dennis J, New York, US

The Banks Overcharged Me!

"Got to tell you that buying your home loan checker program was the best move I've made in a long time. Can't believe the banks had overcharged me when they processed my deposit on the wrong day. Now I watch them like a hawk and check my mortgage every month."
Home Loan Manager Pro Testimonial
- Charles E, USA

Quality Software...

"... quality software, and very affordable ..."
Home Loan Manager Pro Testimonial
- Ben C, USA

I Can Save $31,000 - WOW!

"Using Home Loan Interest Manager Pro, I've just found out that I can save over $31,000 in interest by paying off my mortgage five years earlier (and I only have to pay an extra $12 a week). WOW!"
Home Loan Manager Pro Testimonial
- Lucy B, Australia

Thank You!

"Thank you for Home Loan Interest Manager Pro. Like most people I pay my bank thousands in interest each a year, and before using your home loan checker software to calculate my interest payments and audit my mortgage, I had no idea if the interest they were charging me was correct. "
Home Loan Manager Pro Testimonial
- Matthew H, UK

Your Mortgage Software Is Great!

"...I think your mortgage software is great..."
Home Loan Manager Pro Testimonial
- Mark G, UK

Thank You...

"I would like to say thank you to your support team for helping me out so quickly"
Home Loan Manager Pro Testimonial
- L K, USA

Very Simple To Monitor My Mortgage...

"I have just downloaded the free trial of your home loan checker software and audited my last three years of mortgage statements. I've wanted to check my mortgage for months and would like to say how easy it was and what a weight off my mind. It's going to be very simple to monitor my mortgage once a year from now on. Excellent software and very well thought out."
Home Loan Manager Pro Testimonial
- Rebecca P, Melbourne, Australia

Very Happy With The Results...

"I have been trying to audit my mortgage and offset account in a spreadsheet over the past few weeks, but it all was a bit too hard. Found your software on the Internet and am very happy with the results. I even managed to load all my transactions from the spreadsheet."
Home Loan Manager Pro Testimonial
- Karen P, USA

Very Happy With The Results...

"Love the home loan checker program - it has all the features I need (and more)."
Home Loan Manager Pro Testimonial
- Mandie G, UK

Bank Set Up Wrong Interest Rate...

"I would like to sincerely thank Home Money Manager for the home loan checker product. My family and I have been budgeting hard to try to stay ahead of our mortgage repayments for some time now. You can imagine our surprise when your software pointed out we were being overcharged interest every month, as the bank had accidentally set up the wrong rate for our loan!"
Home Loan Manager Pro Testimonial
- Richard I, USA

Your Software Is Amazing!

"Your homeloan checker software is amazing. Once a month I load my mortgage transactions into Home Loan Interest Manager Pro, and the rest is taken care of for me."
Home Loan Manager Pro Testimonial
- Greg W, USA

I Finally Feel On Top Of Things...

"I want to thank you for writing such a fabulous home loan checker program! I've checked my investment loan and my home mortgage and finally feel on top of things. Thank you!"
Home Loan Manager Pro Testimonial
- Vivian P, Australia

Overcharged $338.75!

" I was overcharged $338.75 on my mortgage last year and I would never have known it if I didn't have your mortgage software. Thank you very much."
Home Loan Manager Pro Testimonial
- Alison B, USA

A Friend Recommended Your Software...

"My husband and I would like to thank you for your great home loan checker software, Home Loan Interest Manager Pro. A friend recommended it to us some time back and we have been using it since. It's great to be able to check our mortgage every couple of months to make sure everything is in order."
Home Loan Manager Pro Testimonial
- Maisie T, UK.

No More Spreadsheets...

"...I can finally stop using my spreadsheets."
Home Loan Manager Pro Testimonial
- Roger L, USA